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New reseller

marinaman skarg reaseller

We welcome Marinaman Sweden AB as a reaseller of SKARG. The company has warehouse, office, and store in Linköping. Most of our sales are made through our web shop,, but they also has a store on North Oskarsgatan 18 in Linkoping where you can pick up orders or buy directly from the shelves.

1# Issue of Search Magazine 2014

In the first issue of Search Magazine the editorial team chooses to display one of our products from the series Swenska-Hoga. They choose to show a 2 m red fixed mooring with the title “Well thought out mooring set from SKARG”. We are very happy about this. Many thanks Anna-Lena och Danny. #searchmagazine

search magazine

The boating magazine Båtnytt and Vi Båtägare show our products

Båtnytt writes the following on page 8:

The company SKARG launches a mooring package with rope from Liros Ropes, with integrated shackle and shock absorbers for mounting in bridge or mooring fingers. The series is currently available in lengths of 2, 3 and 5 meters and in three colors. Info:

Vi båtägare writes the following on page 76:
Fine mooring. Of course your boat should be moored with stylish fixed mooring lines. This new mooring from SKARG for bridge or mooring fingers has both integrated shackle and shock absorbers and comes in three colors and three lengths. It is supplied ready for installation along with a hex wrench. Price from 850 SEK

vi båtägare båtnytt


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