Our story

om skarg

When four entrepreneurs sit on a jetty and talk, the thoughts and ideas flow. Most of the time these ideas are wild unreachable dreams, but once in a while one of them gets rooted and slowly grows stronger. One late night on the jetty, in this exact way, the idea behind SKARG was born.

We have always found energy and peace of mind in the archipelago, along the coast out at sea, and we have carried the dream of our own range of boating related products for quite some time.

Relevant fact is that we have been running a design and engineering bureau for eight years and think that the boating industry needs a thorough lift. We believe innovative and relevant products are the key factor to accomplish this very requisite lift.

This year we proudly introduce our first range of products – the 14 mm fixed moorings. In the meantime we are working hard to develop several other new and exciting products for the modern-day boater. Today we are a larger group working with SKARG, and together we generate new exciting ideas, sitting on the jetty.

See you among the islets/

The SKARG-Team


Råggatan 7, 118 59 Stockholm, SWEDEN
+46 (0)8-525 278 00 info@skarg.se